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Build trust, and protect your own business, by verifying yourself and all of your employees and subcontractors.

Building trust with your customers begins with who you hire. The most desirable customers are also the most discerning. They wonder about who comes into their homes and businesses; for them, ensuring their vendors and contractors have prioritized their security and protection a is a crucial factor in deciding who to hire.


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For you, the verification process is simple: you give us names and numbers; we do the all the work. We will conduct a criminal background check that ensures no burglar or thief, violent criminal, or sexual predator is allowed on your customers’ properties.


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DID YOU KNOW: 65% of Crimes are Committed by People You’ve Interacted with or Allowed in Your Home

Stop the risk of criminal elements entering your home and compromising your family’s safety.

Do you want to remodel the bathroom? Build a pool? Throw a holiday party? If you don’t have a go-to company or service provider, do you go to a “mom’s site?” Ask a friend? Use an app? Most people do use one of these methods…not realizing that they could be opening their home and exposing their family to a criminal or worse.

Keep Your Family Safe from COVID-19 with Contact Tracing

Touchpoint ID protection includes contact tracing, so you’ll be able to identify anyone who’s been in your home in the event of a reported infection.

In an Uncertain World, Touchpoint ID offers Confidence.

Touchpoint ID uses a proprietary, law enforcement-grade background check and screening process that is conducted by a team of active and retired law enforcement officers and investigators. Our specialists evaluate each applicant through the lens of their extensive exposure to, observation of, and record arresting all types of criminals.

And the best part? This service is free to you.

Service Providers are responsible for verifying and reverifying themselves and all of their employees and subcontractors every year. So you can feel safer today at no cost to you.

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