Safety and Security for You and Your Loved Ones

Bushido’s multi-dimensional approach to Residential Security ensures no one will ever gain access to your property, your assets, and your family. We customize a security plan to meet each client’s individual risk level and needs, providing you the level of security and protection that is right for you and changes as your needs change.


Residential Security Services

• Vendor Management: A critical part of home security that many people never think about are the vendors who come and go from your home. We Develop House Rules for Property Access, Employee Screening, Law-Enforcement-Grade Vendor and Contractor Screening, and Contractor/Visitor Escorts.

• Physical Presence: No level of technology can replace an onsite presence. We offer Static and Roving Guards, Armed Security, Perimeter and Building Patrols, Gatehouse Security, Access Control, Onsite or Remote System Monitoring, Mail Screening, and Monitoring during Vacation.

• Systems & Technology: We use the latest in residential security and home security technology that can cover every inch of your property and back that with processes and systems for any situation. This includes, CCTV and available 24/7 Monitoring, Full Property Alarms and Trips, Management of Keys, and Panic/Crisis Alerts.

• Scenario Planning: Anticipating any situation that could arise and developing appropriate plans to cover things like Robbery, Home Invasion, Disaster Planning, Fire Safety Planning, First Aid Response, Emergency Evacuation

Our experience tells us that one your biggest vulnerabilities is who comes and goes from your property. In addition to vendor management, we also provide a list of pre-screened service providers that covers any residence security needs, and for any person servicing your residence, we keep a copy of their driver’s license and contact information using our investigative services.

A security system and location in a “safe” neighborhood used to be enough to keep just about everyone safe, but with the proliferation of cost-efficient security technology has come the knowledge of how to bypass them. According to Statista, property crime is currently the biggest criminal issue plaguing the nation. Until 2016, overall crime had been falling since the 1990s, but as the national crime rate edges up, The Department of Justice estimates that 24% of the U.S. population will experience property crime, and 65% of the perpetrators will be someone you know in some way.

*The most recent year for which complete statistics are available.

Investigative Services

Licensed Private Investigation Services



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Safety and Security for You and Your Loved Ones



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