Licensed Investigative Services for a Range of Corporate and Personal Needs

As the victim of a crime, your response should be calling the police. Having that report and the weight of the law behind you is critical, but no matter how hard our justice system works, it is often very hard to identify, arrest, and get a conviction. In 2018*, only 45% of violent crimes and 17.6% of property crimes were cleared. Wouldn’t it be better to prevent crime instead of reacting to it?

At least, that’s our philosophy at Bushido Protection; we try to anticipate risks, vulnerabilities, and every possible scenario and provide licensed investigators with targeted experience to handle them. As former law enforcement professionals, our employees can be trusted to protect when possible and detect when necessary, know when to be discrete and when to be seen. We will get the necessary information through our investigative services that gives you peace of mind.

Investigation Services

  • Personal Investigations: Handling, often delicate, family situations such as Probate (Trust Funds, Estates, Inheritance, and In-Court Appearances), Partner Indiscretions, Domestic Violence, Catfish Victims, Stalking, and Trust Fund Beneficiaries while maintaining a low profile.
  • Undercover Services: Operations, logistics, and personnel for both personal and corporate needs including, Physical Surveillance and Counter Surveillance, Bug Sweeps, and Technical Surveillance.
  • Litigation Support: Covering the entire trial process, from gathering evidence to interviewing witnesses to reviewing documents, for civil and criminal cases.
  • Law Enforcement Assistance: Working in tandem with police on criminal and civil investigations.
  • Screening Services: Based on a law-enforcement-style, “deep dive” background check of Employees and Staff, Potential Business Partners, Tenants, Guest Lists, and Service Providers such as Domestic Staff or Nannies.

Bushido’s Private investigative services cover a broad range of needs, but what about those vendors, suppliers, delivery drivers, and other personnel not in your immediate employment? To ensure that anyone coming in contact with your family, entering your house, or even coming onto your property has been vetted, is safe, and can be trusted, turn to our Touchpoint ID for an added layer of protection.

*The most recent year for which complete statistics are available.

Investigative Services

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