Comprehensive Strategies and Services that Support Business Security

The sheer volume of daily opportunities, problems, and quick-decisions that are part of owning and/or managing a business can be daunting. As the leader, your role is not only to handle each and every thing that gets put before you but to do so correctly and with corporate security in mind. Faced with rising costs or new competitors or a hundred other things, why would you spend even one hour trying to control who just walked through the door, which potential vendor is the most reliable, or where to have the annual holiday party?

And what about the enemy within? According to small business and marketing expert Brandon Gaille, the average company loses more than $9 per day per employee to fraud and abuse. Bushido’s Corporate Security Services allow you to focus on the everyday. By leveraging our decades of law enforcement and corporate security expertise, we can keep your business safe and mitigate the risks you have not even thought of.

  • Executive Protection: If your company’s executives are not safe, your company can’t thrive. We provide Home & Business Security Personnel, Logistics Management, Transportation Services, Advance Team Threat Assessment, and Around-the-Clock, Arms-Length or Side-by-Side Protection.
  • Business Transactions: Entering a new business relationship opens your company to countless potential troubles. Our services include, Due Diligence, Asset Searches, Tenant Screening, Facility Evaluation and Security Planning, and Scrutiny of all Entities involved in a Potential Deal or Partnership.
  • Employee-Related Services: The heart of any business, employees require significant time and attention, including Screening Candidates, Background Checks, Ongoing Evaluations, Ethics Investigations, Compliance & Integrity Checks, Pre-Termination & Exit Processes, and Escorting Offsite.
  • Risk Management: We specialize in identifying, addressing, and most importantly preventing potential risks to your business such as Malpractice & Insurance Claims, Whistleblower Complaints, Process & Procedure Review, and Facility Security (including technical systems, site access, and entry control).

Bushido Protection has worked with all types of businesses, including Financial Service Providers, Legal Services Providers, Real Estate Developers & Managers, Professional Sports Teams & Athletes, and Entertainment Celebrities & TV Networks.

Smaller companies may not have the resources for onsite or customized security planning, but they can still keep obtain a significant level of corporate security with Touchpoint ID. Touchpoint ID will do background checks, criminal records searches, and overall vendor/supplier verification.

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